• Ideas and Pioneers Fund      

    We are looking for ideas which relate closely to our own charitable mission – we aim to help people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives. DETAILS: http://bit.ly/1SJf8fx [click for more]

  • Children & young people           

    We invest in new products and services that help improve the health and well-being of children and young people in the UK. In particular we target innovations which:     Increase educational attainment;hat     Improve employment readiness and employment rates     [click for more]

  • Grant Applications        

    The Richard Benjamin Trust is a trust set up in memory of Richard Benjamin to ‘promote and research in hitherto neglected areas in the fields of occupational/organisational or social psychology’. We invite research proposals from early career post doctoral researchers [click for more]

  • Innovations Partnership Scheme (IPS)  

    The Innovations Partnership Scheme (IPS) is designed to transfer technology and expertise developed through STFC funding to the marketplace in partnership with industry and other academic disciplines. STFC technology or expertise must be integral to the project. The technology or [click for more]

  • Horizon 2020: Energy Efficiency Call 2016-2017 

    The EU is aiming to progressively decrease primary energy consumption by 2020 and 2030. Research and demonstration activities within this area will focus on buildings, industry, heating and cooling, SMEs and energy-related products and services, integration of ICT and cooperation [click for more]

  • Productivity Network Plus     

    The ESRC will fund an interdisciplinary ‘Network Plus’ as a first step to developing the capacity needed to sustain a substantive multidisciplinary and policy-orientated research programme. The network will include representatives from the policy community and the private sector, as [click for more]

  • Renfrewshire – Culture, Events and Heritage Fund    

    Financial assistance is available to support a range of activity, such as training and cultural learning opportunities, new and one-off events, or enhancements of an existing festival or programme of work.               DETAILS: http://bit.ly/2mJhyRX DEADLINE: 01/05/2017

  • Trans Atlantic Partners 2017     

    Trans Atlantic Partners (TAP) is an established training and networking programme for experienced film and TV producers from Europe, Canada and the US. Founded in 2009, TAP is the only programme worldwide that is dedicated to trans-Atlantic co-production.                DETAILS: http://bit.ly/2mt4j6U [click for more]

  • Small projects and events fund

    The Society of Legal Scholars invites applications for its small projects and events funding. This supports projects or activities that advance legal education. DETAILS: http://bit.ly/22XInQI DEADLINE: 01/05/2017

  • Erasmus+ Programme – Youth (2014-2020)    

    Erasmus+ is the EU Programme for lifelong learning. It supports activities in education, training, youth and sport across all sectors including Higher Education, Further Education, adult education, schools and youth activities. The aim is to boost skills and employability as [click for more]

Business School Newsletter vol. 4


Business School prepared their new newsletter, available to download below

Vol4, Issue 2 2016

Leadership fellows scheme – standard route



The Arts and Humanities Research Council invites applications for the standard route of its leadership fellows scheme. This enables researchers to develop their capabilities as leaders, to carry out work with a potential to generate a transformative impact on their discipline, and to develop and undertake leadership activities that are connected to their research.




Research Project Grants


Offering up to £500,000 over five years for research on a topic of the applicant’s choice. Grants cover salary and research costs directly associated with the project. Submit a first-stage outline application at any time.

Proposals must reflect the personal vision of the applicant and demonstrate compelling competence in the research design. The Trust favours applications that surmount traditional disciplinary academic boundaries and involve a willingness to take appropriate degrees of risk in setting research objectives.

DETAILS: https://www.leverhulme.ac.uk/funding/grant-schemes/research-project-grants

The SPR Research Fund


The SPR possesses a modest Research Fund, the proceeds of which are available to support research in any generally recognized area of psychical research, except those specifically related to survival.  Survival related applications should be directed to the Survival Research Fund (see below notice).

Applications are considered and grants awarded by the Society’s Research Grants Committee and applications should be sent to the Chairperson of the Committee, c/o the Society.  Applications will be considered on an annual basis, with the deadline for receipt of proposals being 1 June of each year.  Application forms can be obtained from the SPR Secretary or on-line via the Society’s website.

DETAILS: http://www.spr.ac.uk/main/page/research-grants

EU Prize for Women Innovators


The Commission plans to award up to three "EU Prize for Women Innovators 2016" following a European-wide contest. The prizes are addressed to women who have founded or co-founded a company and who themselves or their company have benefitted from EU funding related to Research and Innovation. The prizes will not reward research or innovation proposed for the future, but only achievements that have been already obtained by the candidate

DETAILS:  http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/topics/16071-wip-01-2015.html

The Garfield Weston Foundation


Recent funding has supported projects in the following categories: Arts, Community, Education, Welfare, Medical, Religion, Youth and Environment. DETAILS: http://www.garfieldweston.org/how-to-apply/

Research support grants

FUNDER: The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
These support scholars engaged in research related to the study of British art or architectural history.
DETAILS: http://bit.ly/1M6HuNp

Action grants to support transnational projects aiming to build capacity for professionals in child protection systems and legal professionals representing children in legal proceedings

Large grants competition ESRC


The Economic and Social Research Council invites proposals for its large grants competition. This supports research that has the potential to effect significant economic or societal impact. Proposals may be standard research projects, large-scale surveys, infrastructure projects or methodological developments in any area of the social sciences. Interdisciplinarity, both within and beyond the social sciences is encouraged.

DETAILS: http://bit.ly/1VLT5bL DEADLINE: 13-Oct-16

Make Yourself Proud!


Most academic staff have high teaching loads, and undertake research not just in university time but in their own time too – so why should a member of academic staff at a university like Middlesex engage with knowledge transfer?

Read more by: Mark Gray here

Media and content convergence


Specific Challenge:

The media and content sector is driven more and more by the use of technology and new business models, new ways of interaction, consumption and expression are appearing in the rise of the digital era. Europe’s media sector is strong in creating content. It is embracing new technologies and investing in innovation to benefit from the digital market. However, the sector has to become even more tech savvy as competition is growing from global players that are particularly strong at technological innovation. The challenge is to make the best use of technology for reaching out to new audiences, adapting to the digital era and thriving in the connected Digital Single Market.


Demonstration and validation of new technologies, services and solutions through large scale demonstrations[1], pilots or close-to-market prototypes exploiting the convergence, interoperability and integration between broadcasting, broadband Internet-based services, audiovisual and social media.



Principal Research Fellowships


FUNDER: Wellcome Trust

This is the most prestigious of our personal awards and provides long-term support for researchers of international standing.

Awards are for seven years in the first instance, and provide both a personal salary and research programme funding in full.

After the first period of award, the fellowship will be subject to a competitive scientific review, which will subsequently occur on a rolling basis every five years.

Fellowships will be renewed on a partnership basis; the Trust and the host institution will jointly fund the Principal Research Fellow's basic salary through a '50:50' arrangement for the duration of any renewal period. The Trust will provide research programme costs throughout the entire period of the fellowship.

DETAILS: http://bit.ly/1CcG8Pg


Psychology/ Call for applications for funding


The Richard Benjamin Trust is a trust set up in memory of Richard Benjamin to ‘promote and research in hitherto neglected areas in the fields of occupational/organisational or social psychology’. The aim of the trust is to fund early career post doctoral study into areas that have not received funding from other grant awarding bodies. There should be a clear benefit to the public, organisations, communities and/or families from the selected research.

Our goal is to distribute seed funding for research in neglected areas of occupational or social psychology. 10 grants are available up to a maximum of £10,000.

DETAILS: http://www.richardbenjamintrust.co.uk/grant-applications.html

RCUK-FAPESP bilateral agreement for the Research Grants Scheme


Collaborative research proposals may be submitted in any area of the social sciences within the remit of both the ESRC and FAPESP. There is no deadline, and proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis until expiry of the MoU. Proposals should be drafted and will be assessed according to the criteria set out in the International Common Application Process.

DETAILS: http://www.esrc.ac.uk/funding-and-guidance/funding-opportunities/16961/rcuk-fapesp-bilateral-agreement-for-the-research-grants-scheme.aspx

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