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The Research & Knowledge Transfer Office (RKTO)

ANA_5407The Leadership Team

The Research and Knowledge Transfer Office (RKTO), supports schools by providing a range of professional services through teams in funding development, knowledge transfer (KT), and post- award management.

We aim to provide a professional service across all research and knowledge transfer activities, to enable and support academics to achieve our University’s aspirations.

ANA_5416The leadership team consists of Amanda King (who heads the office), Prof Richard Comley (Director of Research) and Dr Mark Gray (Director of KT).

The service is provided by teams:

Grant Funding Development Team

The Frant Funding Development Team advise and assist with applications for research and other grant funding. We can:

– tell you about the funding that’s available  from UK, EU and other grant funders

– help you interpret the funder’s application guidelines

– calculate the budget for your application

– help with submission documents and systems

– ensure that University and funder’s procedures are adhered to

Knowledge Transfer Team

Knowledge Transfer  is the process of engaging, for mutual benefit, with business, government or the community to transfer knowledge from the University through:

– collaborative and contract research

– consultancy

-continuing professional development (CPD)

-intellectual property transfer

The Team can support you in developing your ideas, costing cometively, bid support and contract review /writing. Provide expert advice in legal matters including intellectual property and data protection.

Post – Award Team

They provide project support once funding has been awarded, taking the pain out of project management so you can concentrate on the deliverables. The service they provide includes:

– setting up the project within the University’s accounting systems;

– drawing down the income from the funder;

– arranging salary recharging and indirect costs;

– travel arrangements & purchasing

– providing management information and advice throughout the life of the project.

Each school has a named business partner assigned to it – see the Contact page.

Funding Opportunities

Anna Klesse is our Communication and Funding Manager. She seeks out attractive opportunities and produces a weekly targeted email alert for each school.  She maintains a webpage detailing the opportunities for the whole University, to encourgae cross collaboration. Her team is created in cooperation with Mei Wu.

Event Coordination

Nicola Skinner is the RKTO’s Event Coordinator. She facilitates our key initiatives including training workshops, sand pits, and large conferences. The support includes marketing and promotion; arranging catering, booking venues, communication with invited speakers and help on the day.

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