Digital cities challenge

01/11/2017 0

The aim is for the each to: •develop a strategy and action plan to move towards digital transformation, including tangible, achievable and measurable steps to be taken in the short, medium and long term; •build a community of local stakeholders [click for more]

The Arts Foundation  Fellowship Scheme

01/11/2017 0

The Foundation uses leading practitioners and experienced professionals whose key positions enable them to identify the most talented and deserving artists in each of the six art forms. DETAILS: DEADLINE: OPEN  

Latest KTN events

09/07/2017 0

Infrastructure Systems Competition Round 3 Briefing and Brokerage Events Tue, 11 Jul, London | Thu, 13 Jul, Leeds  |  Thu, 20 Jul, Exeter The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), in partnership with Innovate UK welcomes interested parties within Infrastructure Systems sectors to [click for more]

European Networks       

20/10/2016 0

This funding strand offers support for European creative and cultural networks. These networks aim to support their members’ capacity to better operate trans-nationally, to build their capacity to work across Europe and adapt to change. Networks encourage linguistic and cultural [click for more]

Wiley prize in psychology

20/10/2016 0

The British Academy, in partnership with Wiley, invites nominations for the Wiley prize in psychology. This recognises lifetime achievement by an outstanding international scholar working in psychology. DETAILS: DEADLINE: 31-01-2017

Tekeleza prize

20/10/2016 0

The Department for International Development, under its Ideas to Impact initiative, invites applications for the Tekeleza prize. This recognises applicants who have demonstrated how they have used climate information to develop an innovation which has helped target communities build their [click for more]

Wolfson research merit award

20/10/2016 0

The Royal Society, in partnership with the Wolfson Foundation, invites nominations for the Wolfson research merit awards. These enable universities to recruit, or keep in the UK, respected researchers in all areas of the life and physical sciences, including engineering, [click for more]

EPSRC Fellowships Framework

20/10/2016 0

The EPSRC Fellowship aims to provide greater support to the world-leading individuals who are delivering the highest quality research to meet UK and global priorities. Through links to our strategic priorities and focussing on areas where growth is required, Fellowships [click for more]