The 9th Annual Strength and Conditioning Student Conference – 10th March 2018
Student conference with guest lectures from professionals and experts in the field of strength and conditioning. The Strength and Conditioning Student Conference (SCSC) is an annual event that was first held in 2010. The conference has three aims: (1) to provide delegates with presentations that address the latest research and practices within the field of strength and conditioning, (2) provide a platform for which students and coaches can showcase their work (typically via poster presentations), and (3) make access to experts, both researchers and practitioners, accessible to all by running on a not-for-profit basis.
Keynotes will be:
Perry Stewart – Lead Academy strength and Conditioning Coach at Arsenal FC
– Title: Understanding the Youth Athlete – From Theory to Practice
Dr Ben Rosenblatt – Lead Men’s Physical Performance Coach, Football Association
– Title: Physically preparing teams to win major international tournaments
Professor Ben jones –Research and Innovation Manager, Rugby Football League; Professor, Leeds Beckett University
– Title: The Training – Recovery Cycle; Applying Research to Practice to Navigate the Organised Chaos when working with Youth Athletes
Dr Matthew Weston – Reader in Exercise Science at Teesside University
– Title: Challenging the way we prescribe and monitor training loads in team sports